Terms & conditions


  1. Complete Collection Form, our technicians will contact you to make initials diagnostic by phone and give pre-quote price. After that make deposit payment RM 50, then we will contact you to confirm collection time.
  2. Please pack, wrap and put in a tought box. Please make sure you pack accrodingly. Please take picture before and after packing. We have no obligations for any damage or missing during the collection or delivery time.
  3. We will arrange our courier person in charge to contact and collect items from you. If after collection you want to cancel, we will return the computer but deposit will not be return due to our service charges.
  4. When we received, our skilled and competent technicians will diagnose and troubleshoot your computer problems. They will give you reasonable and good quote within 48 HOURS. 
  5. If the laptop problem beside other than Notebook Motherboard Repair(screen, keyboard, cd/dvd rom problems or etc),we will charge for parts replacements + RM 50 (service+delivery charges) . Eg : Keyboard RM 99, Service Charges RM 50. Deposit paid RM 50. So RM 99+RM 50 – RM 50 = RM 99. So you need to pay RM 99 more only.
  6. If confirm Motherboard Repair, no extra charges for services (not include if your cancelled). Eg : Motherboard repair RM 380. Deposit Paid RM 50. Balance RM 380 – RM 50 = RM 330.
  7. After we done motherboard repair, but still didn’t solve the problem, we will suggest another way( normally replace the motherboard), but if you want cancel we will charge RM 50 for services charges (will be deduct from your deposit) and return your laptop.
  8. After you confirm and made balance payments, we will do repairing and test for quality control. After made full payments, you can’t cancel the repairing process.
  9. When we satisfied your computer totally complete and have no problems, we will contact you for delivery arrangement. Warranty 30 days from date received. Limited to product repair only.
  10. After you received please send us a feedback.
  11. For warranty purpose ,free collect and deliver for 1st warranty claim only, for 2nd claim and afterward the cost for delivery and collections need to pay by customer, RM 20.
  12. Please provide also the original receipt from us to claim warranty, we will sent back the receipt after do the repair. Thank you




Please contact us for any inquiries.

Office : 03-80605738

Hotline : 017-3278983


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